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We are urgently looking for good used hoof trimming crushes, mobile and static, up-right and roll-over, so if you have one for sale give us a call.

We have available a number of contractor type crushes from the UK ranging in price from £3,000 to £30,000. contact us for more details.

Professional Hoof Trimming Course

5 Day Professional Hoof Trimming Course


call now to book

Hoof Trimming Courses

we run trimming courses from 5 day professional courses to 1 day on-farm courses. ring for details

We are in the process of manufacturing some trimming crushes according to our own design and individual requirements.

Please call or email to discuss what you would like on your crush and we will do our utmost to match your desires.

We have a number of used static hoof trimming crushes for sale- can be delivered.

We also offer 1/2 day, full day and 2 day farmers hoof trimming tuition courses.

Also 5 day professional courses for people interested in a career in the foot trimming industry.

We sell all tools required for trimming including knives, nippers,discs, blocks and wraps.

Contact us for prices.

Knife Sharpening Wheels

13 mm or 32 mm bore

£45 per wheel

Polishing Wheels

£10 per wheel

Grinding Paste

£10 per bar

Wrist Protectors

small, medium or large

£20 per pair

Start-up pack of sharpening wheel, polishing wheel, paste and wrist protectors

£100 plus VAT delivered UK or Ireland.

Reconditioned Cow Pacifier Unit (2 available)

approx 2 years old and traded in against new unit.

New PC board, battery and probe lead fitted(basically a new unit in an older box) 6 months warranty.

£545plus VAT.

Freeze Branding Irons

single sets or double sets

we can also offer training in Branding techniques

Intra Hoof-Fit Spray and 5ltr parlour sprayers

control digital Dermatis. spray 50% dilution twice a week for 2 weeks, then 25% dilution for 6 weeks to kill DD.

Intra Hoof-Fit for Footbaths

use to keep DD under control

Intra Hoof-Fit Gel & Brush

great for treating DD when hoof trimming

 Blocks and Wraps/bandages available. contact for prices