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All types of hoof trimming crushes bought and sold

ANKA crush heading for Poland

happy trimming Jarek Gawlik

Wopa 51 on way back from England 

Crushes for Sale

finance available (contact for details)

Some crushes may be available for hire

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for sale this week

1 Wopa 51 crush with lift system and  remote control

1 Wopa 51 lift system, magic eye, remote control (SOLD)

1 Wopa 51  remote control (SOLD)

Comfort Contractors Cattle Crush on Ivor Williams Trailer  (SOLD)

DP Agri Contractors Crush (SOLD)

2x GDS Bull Hydraulic crushes

GDS Electric Hoof Trimming Crushes

Poldenvale Trimming Crush with head scoop (SOLD)

COMING IN - ANKA Single phase hydraulic crush

Wopa 51

Wopa 40/41

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